There’s so much greed these days. Does how much money you have really matter?

The Swirly Girls were sitting about talking about what they would do if they hit the Powerball.  That morphed into a discussion about money and how people will do anything to get it.  Their opinions were as varied as their personalities.  I love being in the room when they talk!  What do you think? Does how much money you have really matter?

“You can have too much cake or too many men, but you can never have too Desiree - WordPress
much money, honey.”




Lela - WordPress“I hear that, sister…CREAM!  You can have wealth and still be down with the little people.  I gots mine…now you get yours.”



Chandra - WordPress“Cash may rule everything…and everyone…around me, but cash certainly does not rule me.  Equal distribution of wealth is where it’s at.  Why can’t we ALL have?”



Grace - WordPress“Chandra you know some people can never get enough.  We need money to survive, but when people are pitted against one another it’s gone way beyond need.  As the Bible says, “Their greed is never satisfied.”  That’s from Job 20:20.



Selina - WordPress“It’s all about money management.  You have to know what to do to grow what you have.  It takes money to make money.  So hell yes, it matters.   It’s what you do with the money that will determine if it make you happy or makes you miserable.”




Nadine - WordPressThere’s no need for me to worry about money when I can spend someone else’s.  A man a day keeps the hunger away! LOL




Bunny - WordPressI can tell you what I do know is that somebody must have got my share of the pie.  I started working when I was 14.  I kept a roof over my head and took care of a family.  I didn’t have the time or the resources to be greedy.  There were no pools or exotic trips, but we were happy.  I could have used more, though.  Who couldn’t?!


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