Welcome to Swirly Girls!

We are Swirly Girls!  Every day one of us will be giving you a glimpse into our lives as women –  moms, lovers, friends, sisters, professionals.  We represent all of the facets of womanhood.  Although our personalities are unique, we are sure you will see yourself in one of us, or a combination of several of us.

Come with us as we journey through our trials and triumphs and answer your questions about issues that come up in your life.  We are not psychologists or trained counselors, but we know what it’s like to live a swirly life.  Our thoughts, ideas and advice come from our unique experiences as Swirly Girls.  Our perspectives are as diverse as our personalities, so there is no telling what we may say!  Just know that the “words to the wise” we have to offer come from our hearts. 🙂

So send us your questions and comments and tell us which of the Swirly Girls you would like to hear from!

Swirly Girls Montage with names




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